Oh I’ve Tried, I Just Can’t Meditate

This wonderful article by Wendy Hasenkamp and the excellent folks at Mind & Life Institute is a great antidote for those of us who claim they just can’t meditate. This comes up in my office all the time. “I tried, I just can’t do it.” “My mind is too busy to try to meditate.” Similar to Ms. Hasenkamp, I find that most folks have a misconception about what meditation is and isn’t. The goal of meditation is not to have an empty mind. That might occur, at some point, apparently, or so I’ve heard, but it is not the goal. And if that is your goal, you will be disappointed rather quickly. Instead, meditation practice creates a perfect incubation space for our mind to do what it does best, think! Our task is to notice the thoughts, and practice the muscle of letting them go. That is the goal, notice you are thinking, and then let it go.

If you get to an empty mind, give me a call. I want to know your secret!!




Chris Tickner is a Pasadena psychotherapist,child therapist, and clinical supervisor practicing holistic psychotherapy, where he combines mindfulness psychotherapy,  somatic therapyneuroscience, and good old fasion humor and compassion to form a a powerful treatment that is transformative and holistic.  There are thousands of California psychotherapists, and finding a counselor or finding a therapist can be daunting. On his website, Chris provides a primer to help you find the therapist that is perfect for you! Chris is also a Pasadena therapist specializing in anxiety psychotherapy and depression psychotherapy.